Wiertz Foundation

The Wiertz Foundation supports a wide range of projects and initiatives that provide assistance to individuals, groups, associations and businesses.


The Wiertz foundation

The Wiertz Foundation was established on 13 June 2006. The objective of the Foundation is broad in scope and is easily described: providing social, humanitarian and economic assistance to individuals, groups, associations and businesses.

The Foundation fulfils its mission through:

  • Collecting funds;
  • Partnerships with local governments;
  • Supporting and organising projects and activities;
  • Achieving broad support.

The Wiertz Foundation receives an annual donation from Wiertz Personeelsdiensten. This donation forms the main source of income of the Foundation.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Conducting business responsibly has been our guiding principle since our establishment in 1997. Our activities are not isolated. They fit within the ambition of Wiertz Company to fulfil our Corporate Social Responsibilities in an efficient way.

The initiative for the Wiertz Foundation arose from this. Through this Foundation we are further building on the social, humanitarian and economic assistance. In recent years, we have provided financial support to numerous good projects.

What to support and what not to support?

Your project could be eligible for assistance if:

  • you are familiar with our organisation
  • your association/foundation maintains business contacts with Wiertz Personeelsdiensten
  • your association/foundation is registered with the Chamber of Commerce
  • your project has local appeal
  • we are the only organisation that sponsors your project
  • your activity is preferably a long-term project or event
  • you are able to present a budget of your project or event

Much more than the collection and distribution of funds alone

The role adopted by the Wiertz Foundation goes much further than the collection and distribution of funds alone. The commitment of the Foundation also focuses on close cooperation with local governments. Moreover, the Wiertz Foundation initiates its own projects and activities.

To realise an active participation, direct contact with the local community is essential, because without involvement the Wiertz Foundation cannot provide structural assistance. The active participation of the staff of Wiertz Company is necessary for converting the policy intention of Corporate Social Responsibility into everyday working practice. The Wiertz Foundation is therefore seeking intensive contact with its members of staff, with its clients and with workers who are employed through one of the Wiertz Company subsidiaries.

Support for volunteer projects in the immediate vicinity

In the coming years, the Wiertz Foundation wants to focus mainly on supporting volunteer projects in the Netherlands. As a human resources organisation, Wiertz Personeelsdiensten devotes a great deal of attention to people who are employed and people who are active. People can develop their talents in numerous ways. Taking up a study and accepting employment are the obvious choices. However, there are also numerous people in our vicinity who are involved in various projects, from informal care to brass band, from religious education to patient transport, and from youth sports training to machinery restoration.

The Wiertz Foundation considers voluntary work as the ultimate gesture to express Socially Responsible Living and therefore wants to provide broad support to all kinds of projects and initiatives.

We do not support:

  • organisations with a non-balanced budget
  • organisations that become permanently dependent on the Wiertz Foundation or Wiertz Personeelsdiensten
  • organisations with a primarily political or religious objective
  • parties
  • individuals
  • activities that could endanger participants or members of the public
  • environmentally unfriendly projects


Download here the financial accounts of 2015 in pdf format.