Our story

Wiertz Company is built on the values of a tight-knit family business, inspired by the Rijnlands philosophy.

Rijnlands Philosophy

That means an eye for continuity, long-term focus and solid partnerships with a human face. Our organisation is run by people for people, because after all, people form the basis of our service.

We believe that our raison d’être is based on the society in which we operate. Therefore, one of our core values is our responsibility to give something back to that society. Wiertz Company demonstrates this commitment through the initiatives that we actively support in our society. We have identified three important priorities for this social commitment.

Sustainable solutions

Through our approach and our subsidiary companies, more than 3,000 employees have access to the labour market in Limburg and the Euregion. The overall social value applies to everyone – to our members of staff, to our clients, to our business partners and to our suppliers. Together, we are responsible for giving everyone the opportunity to find work. To this end, we develop sustainable solutions and initiate projects to give people who have become detached from the labour market the opportunity that everyone deserves, through gaining work experience (e.g. via work, work placements and in-house training).

Local involvement

Our strength is our local presence and involvement. We respond to local challenges. We call this Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Our contribution to CSR involves supporting a number of local initiatives, such as:

Wiertz Foundation

Sustainable living and working environment

We believe in a sustainable living and working environment today and for the future. To actively respond and contribute to this belief, our organisation has identified four main themes. We have adopted these themes in our facility management in the areas of energy consumption (our offices), mobility (CO2 reduction), the reduction of waste (paper reduction, digitisation, recycling and limiting waste) and purchasing (environmentally-friendly material).