Wiertz Company

Wiertz Company is a strong family of people and work. Our various labels offer a service that fits within a professional staff policy and contributes to everyone’s success.

WIERTZ Personeelsdiensten

Wiertz Personeelsdiensten is strong in work. And they have proven this. With the strongest local office network representation in Limburg, they mediate every day with many enthusiastic and passionate agency workers to help them find temporary or permanent jobs, at all levels of education and in all sectors. They strive to find the best solution for everyone’s talent. The various bespoke services enable them to successfully fulfil the flexible shell requirements of client companies. They are not the leading intermediary organisation in Limburg without reason. The organisation represents passion, entrepreneurial spirit and quality, and local approach and personal attention always remain central.

WIERTZ Gastvrij

Wiertz Gastvrij represents hospitality at a high level and offers clients bespoke solutions, quality assured down to the smallest detail. Wiertz Gastvrij achieves this with a job pool comprising a permanent group of flexible and very experienced catering specialists in order to guarantee a varied service that meets the needs of its clients.

ZUID recruiters

ZUID Recruiters assists companies in finding the right talent at the vocational level for permanent and temporary jobs and projects. Even for that one job vacancy that is difficult to fill. How? By taking a slightly different approach. Finding a CV is not the same as finding that one special person that your company needs. The latter is where ZUID Recruiters distinguishes itself. They search, screen, approach, follow, enthuse and bind. They refer to it as top sport – delivering top class performance for your company every day to find the right candidate; continuing when others have stopped. They dot the i’s and cross the t’s for your job vacancy, your candidate and for your company.

ZUID juristen

ZUID Juristen assists companies with legal advice and interim legal experts. This label was created through market demand and the complexity of the legal system in the Netherlands encountered by many companies. Not everyone employs staff to cover every specialist field and that is why ZUID Juristen provides various bespoke legal services or an interim legal expert for projects. Characteristic for ZUID Juristen is their decisive approach at a lower cost. Many companies take advantage of this by outsourcing part or all of their legal matters, enabling them to continue focusing on their core business. The motto of ZUID Juristen is very appropriate: It is difficult enough.

ZUID salarisverwerkers

ZUID Salarisverwerkers takes your entire payroll accounting out of your hands and ensures that it is implemented on time and correctly. This means that organisations can focus even more on their core business. ZUID Salarisverwerkers is a specialised administrative service provider that has made Payroll and HR Administration their profession. They ensure that your employees are paid correctly and on time and that you receive real-time summaries and comprehensive management reports. ZUID Salarisverwerkers goes one step further – that is their job. Not only can you expect perfect performance, they also make their knowledge of labour law, amendments to labour law, benchmarks and collective agreements available to you.

Payroll Limburg.nl

Payroll Limburg.nl is the largest regional payroll services provider with offices in South and North Limburg. They provide businesses and self-employed people with the opportunity to employ temporary, freelance and permanent staff, with reduced risks and without the usual administrative burden, all at a very competitive rate. Payroll Limburg.nl takes care of your HR, payroll and ARBO (Occupational Health & Safety) administration. They also maintain contact with the UWV (Employee Insurance Agency) and the tax authorities. Payroll Limburg.nl also stands for the personal approach, for which all subsidiaries of Wiertz Company are well known, Entrepreneurial strength and quality is also part of their DNA. This is what sets them apart from other service providers. They are there for you and for your staff, and they demonstrate that every day wholeheartedly.

Payroll Nederland.nu

If an organisation has more than one location in the Netherlands, we seek the help of our colleagues from Payroll Nederland.nu. They work with the same services and systems and think along the same lines as Payroll Limburg.nl. Payroll Nederland.nu enables us to offer a nation-wide solution with the right quality and approach at a competitive rate.

Contracting Limburg

Contracting Limburg picks up where a temporary employment agency leaves off. They can take part of your production process or an entire department off your hands. Contracting Limburg enters into an obligation with a client to achieve a result and is responsible for delivering products, not for the provision of staff. You will therefore not be charged an hourly rate but a rate for each service provided and agreed upon in advance. There will be a clear demarcation between the work carried out by Contracting Limburg and your own process and supervision. However, the work will be carried out at your place of business. Contracting Limburg can organise the entire work process and will therefore be responsible for planning, administration, management and supervision, also in financial terms.

Roda Support

Roda Support, supporter of work, is the new temporary employment organisation for Roda JC football club. Roda Support arose from the passion for social entrepreneurship and Roda JC. Roda Support places temporary workers at all companies and institutions that Roda JC wholeheartedly supports. Temporary workers include a large part of the club’s supporters. Part of the proceeds will be donated to Roda JC. Supporters are thus given an opportunity to work, sponsors are provided with staff, Roda Support organises everything perfectly and the club also does well out of it. Roda Support has a unique partnership with Payroll Limburg.nl, a subsidiary of Wiertz Personeelsdiensten.